About United Mechanical & Flushing Specialists, LLC.

Providing a Turnkey Flushing Solution

United Mechanical and Flushing Specialists (UM&FS) is a fast-growing company  providing mechanical system flushing and cleaning services. Based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, UM&FS primarily operates in the Hampton Roads ship repair industry but provides services across the country traveling as far as Oregon and Alaska in 2023. Our proprietary 10ft x 10ft x 8ft comprehensive flushing modules are less than 5,000 pounds and made to be shipped via air, land, or sea to provide a rapid set up, flush, and restoration of any mechanical system on any job site – anywhere in the world.

Joint Venture Structure

UM&FS operates as an unpopulated joint venture between Bay Metals & Fabrication (BMF), LLC and Accurate Marine Environmental (AME), LLC. An industry leader in ship repair, BMF provides pipefitting, machining, and mechanical services as well as financial operations support to UM&FS. AME compliments the joint venture with their expertise in spill response, waste disposal, as well as full production support in estimating, bidding, and contracting. Together, two parent companies provide the support and resources for UM&FS to thrive as a competitive option for flushing and cleaning services.

We Are Mobile!

We are a highly mobile team, ready to go wherever the job takes us, thanks to our cutting-edge mobile comprehensive flushing modules (stay tuned for photos!). These modules are ingeniously designed to be lightweight, making mobilization a breeze with forklifts rather than requiring cumbersome crane support. Moreover, we offer specialized units for high-pressure hydraulic flushes, complete with a built-in clean room and chemical cleaning capabilities. Our commitment to efficiency and adaptability ensures that we can tackle a wide range of flushing tasks with precision and ease.

Our Clients

The thrust bearing piping hot oil flush is performed for two main propulsion diesel engines and two main propulsion gas turbines.

Performs thorough flush for highly contaminated Main Reduction Gear Lube Oil System.  

The No. 1 Ship's Service Diesel Generator and No. 1-4 Main Propulsion Diesel Engine undergo hot oil flushes.

The Museum Ship's aircraft elevator undergoes an overhaul and system flush.  

Catapult #4 utilizes an Air Flask chemical for cleaning and preservation purposes.

The JP-5 system flush is a necessary procedure to ensure the cleanliness and proper functioning of the fuel system.

The hydrostatic and operational testing of the No. 1-4 Ship's Service Diesel Generators.

The RAST system flush is to ensure optimal performance.

The Radar Electronic Cooling Water system requires a chemical flush.

The Emergency Hydraulics system requires a chemical flush.

HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen (F310)

Chemical cleanings are often performed for the Norwegian Navy.

Commercial work such as pumping, cleaning, and storage is often performed for the MSRC's Atlantic region.